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Stuart Volkow

Writer/Editor & Project Manager, Ax Center for Experimental
Cosmology, CASS

Office: SERF 304


Stuart Volkow is a Producer, Project Manager, Writer, Teacher, and technologist straddling the worlds of science and media. He is a Project Manager at the Ax Center for Experimental Cosmology at UCSD’s Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences. His career in media has encompassed Hollywood Studio feature film development and production, starting and operating a full-time Cable TV Channel on the DISH and Comcast networks, developing and deploying digital technologies for major media companies, and producing interactive and immersive media. He is a startup and commercialization consultant and mentor. His academic training is in Physiology, biomedical technology, and film and TV production. He has held teaching positions at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, and UCLA Extension’s Entertainment Management Program. Stuart’s government consulting work has been with DARPA and ODNI. His call sign is KG6YYJ and he is a member of Infragard.