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Research and Development Support

  • Management - Subcontract Management, Strategic Long Term Planning, Risk Assessment & Mitigation Planning, Budget Planning, PERT, Gantt charting, Work Breakdown Structuring (WBS), Presentation and Review Support
  • Systems Engineering - Integrated Product Development (IPD) Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Testing & Evaluation - Thermal-vacuum, vibration, automated testing
  • Calibration- preflight and on-orbit verifications
  • Mission Operations Support - experience with Apollo, HEAO, Hubble
  • Detector Development Design - ME10, AutoCAD on PCs & workstations
  • Fabrication - NASA certified for hand soldering, crimping, cabling, welding, polymerics
  • Exotic Materials - Beryllium, Carbon fibers, Sapphire Photomultipliers & Light Guides
  • Large-scale CCDs - to (1024x1024), optical, UV, Infra-Red Micro-Channel Plates
  • Cryogenics - strong, lightweight systems, vacuum cryogenics
  • Scattered Light Control - black chrome plating, baffles
  • Polymerics - encapsulation, bonding, potting, staking, sealing
  • Electronics Design and integration of analog and digital systems RF signal processing
  • HV and LV Power supplies and power distribution
  • Solar Power - Solar cells, battery recharging
  • Assembly - Multi-layer board buildup, prototyping
  • Testing - computer-controlled automated test facility
  • Timing analysis, circuit simulation and analysis
  • Robotics
  • Software/Firmware Computer-to-instrument interfacing & networking Integration of requirements onto target hardware Structured design, CASE interfacing VMS, UNIX, DOS, assembly, FORTRAN, C, Basic, Forth, IMSL, IDL Firmware, simulations Quick learning curve, extensive experience with diverse systems
  • Analysis Support - data reduction & analysis, novel data presentation schemes
  • Image Reconstruction - maximum entropy, Lucy, Pixon originators
  • InterNet access and experience, Mosaic, Multi-media