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CASS Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences

Space Allocation Procedures and Policies
Established November 2016

Revised 5-28-18


       Last Revised by Space Committee 5-28-18
       Approved by Director: 5-30-18                


Center for Astrophysics and Space Science faculty and research members are entitled to the assignment of space appropriate to their functions as researchers. This space includes an office and in some cases laboratory areas that are assigned to principal investigators, as well as the use of space that is shared among several CASS members. The assignment of office and laboratory space is based upon justified need and reasonable use, and is to be reviewed by the Space Committee. The Space Committee will review all large requests for additional space and will submit their recommendation to the CASS Director for final decision. A letter describing the review process and its conclusions will be sent to the faculty/research member and submitted for approval to the Director. A copy of this letter, with the Director’s signature, will be filed with Space Committee minutes for future reference. All general office and desk space for CASS members is further defined in this document with each assignment based on academic appointment.

Please submit Space Request Form to Liz Kelly at so that the request can be discussed with the space committee and director.


· Full time Faculty members whose primary office is located in CASS will be assigned an office, if CASS is their secondary office location they will be assigned a shared office. Full time Research Scientists are assigned an office.

· Part-time faculty members and Research Scientists who are less than 50% funded OR are not working at the CASS SERF building location as their primary work location may be assigned a shared office space, up to two per office.

· Project Scientists & postdoctoral scholars may be assigned to a shared office.

· Graduate students are guaranteed a desk space in the 1st year of graduate school if they are working with a CASS PI or they are accepted into the astrophysics program. After the 2nd year, CASS graduate students only maintain a desk space in SERF if they are working with a CASS PI. PIs that have laboratory space will be in charge of assigning their graduate students space within the laboratory. The assumption is that graduate students working with a faculty member who has lab space will sit in that lab space. Available graduate student office space will be evaluated on an annual basis and space will be assigned based on seniority and proximity to the PI’s laboratory if applicable among other considerations. If a senior graduate student is satisfied with their current space assignment then no reassignment is necessary. If a student would like to apply for a change of space then they can submit a space request form. When a graduate student space outside a lab is about to be vacated, students who have submitted a change of space request form will be notified and given the opportunity to switch to the space, if this space is to continue to be used by graduate students. One of the goals is to bring graduate students who are working for the same PI to share the same space. To achieve this goal, space will be re-evaluated periodically to see if we can bring together students working for the same PI who happen to be dispersed.

· Undergraduate students will be housed in either the PI laboratory space or in a dedicated research area for undergraduates.

· There is a dedicated short term visitor’s office for the seminar/colloquium speakers.

· Emeritus Professors and Researchers will be provided an office if they are actively involved in Center activities such as teaching, research, or committee service. Upon retirement, Emeritus Professors and Researchers’ laboratory space and/or office space is reassigned to the Director. If requested and approved by the Director, in consultation with the Space Committee, the office and laboratory space (sole or shared space) can be assigned to the Emeritus Professor/Researcher. Usage and continued assignment of that space is then reviewed annually thereafter and reassignment is at the discretion of the Director, with advice from the Space Committee.

· At any point any member of CASS can request to be relocated to a different office space. The request needs to include well-documented justification for the move for the space committee to review.

· CASS faculty and research members may request additional space for laboratory or research activities. The request must include well-justified reasoning for either moving or additional space or its use in CASS. The policy allows each case to be treated individually and weighs the following factors: (a) availability of space, (b) scholarly activity and funding, (c) ongoing contributions to the welfare of the Center (such as committee service or teaching), and (d) past service to the Center. If by these criteria, laboratory or additional space is judged by the Director, with the advice of the Space Committee, to be deemed necessary space will be made available. Requests for additional space need to be in made as far in advance as possible.

· The space committee will review the entire use of CASS space annually. If the space committee determines that space is being highly underutilized, CASS members may be asked to consolidate or vacate space or to occupy alternative quarters in order to make room for newly hired faculty or researchers, to consolidate laboratories with common interests, or to allow growth of the research programs of young faculty. Requests to consolidate or vacate space will be made as far in advance as possible, and whenever possible will coincide with the end of an appointment or the end of a sponsored agreement or both. Once a space committee request is approved by the director, a schedule associated with the subject of the request will be approved in the next 4 weeks, and then that schedule will be monitored by the space committee.

· Space allocations will be reviewed by the Director and Space Committee annually.

· Attached to the policy is the current allocation of space for the 3rd and 4th floors of the SERF Building.