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CASS Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences

Absence and Timekeeping Policy

Established March 2017


An Absence Email will be sent for both planned and unplanned absences as follows:

• Employee notifies their supervisor via email.

• Subject line must include the following: “Absence, your name, from/to dates” (Example:
“Absence, Jane Black, 11/21-11/23”).

• Indicate the reason for absence (e.g. sick, vacation, comp time, no-pay, jury duty) and estimated the
number of hours requested in the body of the email.

• Supervisor will review the request, and respond via email to the employee.

Note: If you do not take the approved time off, forward original approval email back to your
supervisor with the subject line changed to “Cancelled, your name, from/to dates”.


• Each employee sub 0 (academic researchers) and sub 1 (staff) is responsible for reporting all
absences from work either in MyTime Entry or turning in a paper timesheet by the due date.

• Each sub 2 (student worker, returning retiree, researchers under .50 FTE, short term exceptions)
employee is responsible for reporting all hours work either in MyTime Entry or turning in a paper
timesheet by the due date. Time must be reported to generate a paycheck.

• The supervisor is responsible for approving time in MyTime Entry or the paper timesheet by the date
requested in the timekeeper’s monthly or biweekly email.

• For planned absences or a change/cancellations of time off see the instructions above. The absences
either sick or vacation should be recorded either in MyTime or on the paper timesheet.

• Exempt (from overtime) employees report time-off in full-day increments.

• Non-exempt (from overtime) employees report time in quarter hour increments.

• Scanned copies of doctor’s notes (for sick leave longer than three days) must be submitted via email
to your supervisor and copy Liz Daniels

• Jury Duty backup documentation (summons and clocked time sheet) must be submitted to your
supervisor and copy Liz Daniels

• Time-off with No-Pay must be requested no later than the beginning of the pay period.

• Vacation: Sick Time cannot be substituted for vacation time absences, unless the vacation was
cancelled in advance due to the illness/injury, or a doctor’s note supporting the illness/injury is
provided upon return.

• If you are going to be absent, please set up voice mail and email reflecting that status.