World War One Aviation - Muzeum Lotnictwa Krakow

Here are some pictures of the World War One aircraft on display at the Muzeum Lotnictwa in Krakow, Poland. I am grateful to Marek Gierlinski for acting as a host and tour guide. Note that these pictures were bought at the museum, and are probably copyright - so personal use only, please.

The Museum now has its own official WWW site.

Albatros BIIa, 1915.
Unarmed reconnaissance two-seater, later used as a basic trainer. Registered D-EKDU.
Albatros CI, 1915.
A reconnaissance two-seater armed with a single 7.9mm Parabellum machine gun in the observer's cockpit.
Aviatik CIII, 1916.
Two-seater reconnaissance/light bomber.
Grigorwicz M15.
If you have information on this aircraft/type, please let me know!
Halberstadt CLII, 1916.
2-seat fighter/bomber.
Roland DVIb, 1917.
A beautiful example of layered wood construction!
Sopwith Camel, 1917 (serial B7280).
A highly successful single-seat fighter.

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