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    Selected Publications of Barbara Jones

Direct links below are generally to the online journals which may require a host domain from a subscribing institution. Local PostScript/PDF files may be downloaded as an alternative.

"Modeling of mid-infrared dust emission from PSwift-Tuttle." Sarmecanic, J., Fomenkova, M. & Jones, B., Planetary & Space Sci., 46, 859.

"Keck Long Wavelength Spectrometer Images of Luminous IR Galaxies." Jones, B., Puetter, R. C., Smith, H. E., Stein, W. A., Wang, M. & Campbell, R. 1998, Bull. AAS, 29, 1331.

"Constraints on the Nucleus and Dust Properties from Mid-Infrared Imaging of Comet Hyakutake." Sarmecanic, J., Fomenkova, M., Jones, B. & Lavezzi, T. 1997, ApJ (Letters), 483, L69.  [Local PostScript]  [Local PDF]

"Keck Mid-Infrared Imaging of Luminous Infrared Galaxies: Starbursts and AGN" Smith, H. E., Jones, B., Puetter, R. C., Stein, W. A., Wang, M. & Campbell, R. 1998, Bull. AAS, 29, 1331.

"Invited Lectures on Mid-IR Imaging and Spectroscopy." Jones, B. 1996, Proceedings of the 1995 IAC Winter School, December 1995, Tenerife, Spain.

"10 and 20 Micron Imaging with Arrays." Jones, B., Pina, R. K., & Puetter, R. C., 1994, in Infrared Astronomy with Arrays: The Next Generation, (Kluwer: Dordrecht), p187.

"Keck Long Wavelength Spectrometer." Jones, B. & Puetter, R. SPIE, 1946, 610.

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