Barbara Jones

Professor of Physics

Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences/Physics Department, UCSD

Professional Interests:

Infrared Astronomy and instrumentation, active galaxies, star formation, dusty plasmas, physics & astronomy education.

Recent Work:

We have recently completed construction of a mid-infrared (5-25µm) imaging spectrometer for the Keck I Telescope - the UCSD/Keck Long Wavelength Spectrometer (LWS). This is a facility instrument for use by UC, Caltech and NASA Observers. We are now using the LWS to investigate the mid-infrared characteristics of dusty AGN and infrared galaxies.

I am actively engaged in developing effective instructional methods for teaching basic physics & astronomy at the University level. I have recently overseen a major revision of our physics for pre-medical/biology majors sequence, incorporating laboratory & tutorial instruction. I am also involved in the UCSD/SDSU joint doctorate program in Science Education.

  • 1999 UCSD Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award.

    Here are my recent publications.

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