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CASS Mailing Address and Phone Number

University of California, San Diego
(Recipient's Name if applicable), CASS
9500 Gilman Drive # 0424
La Jolla, CA 92093-0424

Cheryl Matson, Assistant to the Director
(858) 534-3460

Directions to CASS:
Getting Here is Half the Fun
N 32° 52' 46.2"
W 117° 14' 06.9"

In December 1996, the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences moved from its long-time facilites in the Applied Physics & Mathematics (APM) building on Muir Campus to the Science & Engineering Research Facility (SERF).

The Center of Astrophysics and Space Sciences occupies the third and fourth floors of Science and Engineering Research Facility (SERF, structure 109 on the campus map) on the central campus of the University of California, San Diego.

Aerial photo of the UCSD campus; south is to the left and west towards the blue Pacific.
The Central (Geisel) Library is the odd shaped structure near the middle.
The Price Center is the building complex directly to the left of the Library.
SERF is the building between the Price Center and the lower left hand corner of the picture.

More extensive instructions to SERF are given below.

SERF, viewed from the north-east corner of the building is shown to the right. CASS occupies the 3rd & 4th floors. The strange white columns on the left side of the picture are concrete pillars that have been stress tested. Some are broken more than others. This display has nothing to do with CASS.
SERF from the NE

Directions to UCSD From I-5 heading north (towards Los Angeles) from downtown San Diego:
  • pass under I-8.
  • pass under Sea World Drive.
  • pass under Claremont Drive (there is a Visitor Center on Mission Bay to your left at this exit, if you are totally messed up or want some info on the area).
  • pass under the Hwy 52/Ardath Rd overpass.
  • take the Gilman Drive exit (bear right off the freeway).
  • at the exit ramp stop sign, turn left (you are now on Gilman Drive).
  • follow Gilman Drive under I-5 as it curves to the right.
  • continue to follow Gilman Drive (there are a few stop lights).
  • go under La Jolla Village Drive.
  • the UCSD information center will be on your right - GO THERE.
  • GET A MAP from the information center.
  • GET A PARKING PERMIT or make sure you have lots of quarters for the meters.

UCSD and San Diego's "Golden Triangle"

From I-5 heading south (towards San Diego and Mexico) from North County:

Directions to SERF and CASS on campus

Labelled Campus Map (85K) showing Science and Engineering Research Facility (SERF). Look just above and to the left of the intersection of Lyman and Russell Ln. just below the words Matthews Ln.

SERF is in the part of the campus bounded by Warren College, Eleanor Roosevelt College, University Center, and the Price Center/Central (Geisel) Library complex. It is just east of the Price Student Center.

the Geisel Library
  • make your way to the Geisel Library (upside down pyramid in UCSD logo).
  • head south (follow the Library Walk) away from the library.
  • walking south the buff-colored building complex on your left is the Price Center.
  • walk to the south end of the Price Center (Bookstore corner)
  • here the Library Walk is crossed by a wide walk going approx east-west (you can almost see SERF down the path to the left/east).
  • turn left (east) down this walk, leaving the Eucalyptus grove behind you
  • walk past the Price Center and through an intersection, perhaps blocked with removeable posts.
  • walk by several long buildings with brown wood siding and painted numbers in 400-500 range (the painted numbers are not the numbers used on the map)
  • according to the campus map you are on Lyman Lane - there is a sign east of SERF.

SERF from the SW
  • the SERF building is on your left, opposite brown building number 410 (according to the campus map SERF is structure 109).
  • the SERF building is a new buff-colored building with 4 floors; the windows have green curved metal sunshades sticking out from the building.
  • there is a directory on the first floor by the elevators (not everyone is on it).
  • CASS occupies mainly the third and fourth floors
    • 3rd floor: business office, Marlar Library, conference room, HST group, optical, infrared, space and solar physics, undergraduate Physics professors (Smith, Jones)
    • 4th floor: Director's office, high energy astrophysics, HEXTE, LCA

Tips For First Time Visitors

The San Diego Area

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