PRIMUS Figures

The volume and number of redshifts compared among several surveys at z<1.  PRIMUS, for the first time, probes the universe to z~1 with a survey comparable to the largest low-redshift datasets.  The symbol size scales with the depth of the survey.

PRIMUS low-resolution redshift versus high-resolution redshift from the DEEP2 or VVDS galaxy redshift surveys.  Only objects with i<22.5 have been included.  The PRIMUS redshift precision is <0.4% with very few outliers.

A 24-minute IMACS prism exposure of a slitmask with ~3000 objects in the COSMOS field.  Areas around bright stars are masked to avoid scattered light and photometric catalog errors.

A close up of a small portion of a single exposure.  Each object has 4 traces; we drill 2 slits for each object and nod the telescope between them.  The other 2 traces are sky.  The footprint for one object on the detector is 6.4” x 28”.

Example spectra for an early-type galaxy (top), an emission line galaxy (middle), and a broad-line AGN (bottom).  The red and black data correspond to the 2 separate object traces.  The spectra have been smoothed in the blue.

Resolution per pixel of the PRIMUS prism as a function of wavelength.  Note that the resolution is much higher in the blue than in the red.