PRIMUS Coverage Maps

PRIMUS wiki: includes details on mask design for each field

Target selection overview

The goal of PRIMUS was to obtain redshifts for a flux-limited, high-density sample of galaxies, spanning all galaxy types, over a wide area to z=1.0.  We generally targeted all galaxies to i < 22.5 and sparse-sampled 22.5 < i < 23 objects with well-defined a priori sampling rates. In this way PRIMUS would not be dominated by galaxies at our faintest flux limits. Because the targeting and selection weights were all tracked and saved, a statistical complete sample to i < 23 can be created from the PRIMUS data. In fields with SWIRE coverage (CDFS-SWIRE, ELAIS-S1, XMM-LSS), we additionally targeted sources to i < 23.0 that were bright at 3.6 μm (>10 μmJy in a 3.8′′ aperture), and sources to

i < 23.5 that were detected in the IRAC 5.8, 8.0, or MIPS 24 μm bands.  Each area of the sky is covered by two slitmasks.

Details of the target selection can be found in our first survey paper, Coil et al. 2011:

When referencing PRIMUS please cite:  Coil et al. 2011, ApJ, and Cool et al. in prep.

Statistics as of November 2010 (subject to change):