Alison L. Coil


Professor and Chair of Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Ingrid and Joseph W. Hibben Chair

University of California, San Diego

9500 Gilman Dr., MC 0424

La Jolla, CA 92093-0424

acoil aat

phone: (858) 822-3940

office: 424 SERF


Ph.D., Astrophysics, UC Berkeley, 2004

B.A., Astrophysics, Princeton, 1997

Research Interests:

large-scale structure, redshift surveys, observational cosmology, galaxy and AGN clustering, galaxy and AGN formation and evolution, galactic winds, feedback


Current Research Group Members:

Serena Perrotta (postdoctoral fellow)

Angela Berti (graduate student)

Gene Leung (graduate student)

Erin George (graduate student)

Wenmeng Ning (undergraduate student)

Previous Group Members:

Brooke Simmons (Einstein postdoctoral fellow; faculty at Lancaster)

Mojegan Azadi (graduate student; postdoc at SAO)

Tim O’Brien (graduate student; science teacher)

Ramin Skibba (project scientist; science writer)

Alex Mendez (grad student; postdoc at Johns Hopkins)

Aleks Diamond-Stanic (CGE postdoc fellow; faculty at Bates College)

James Aird (postdoc; senior research fellow at Leicester)

John Moustakas (postdoc; faculty at Siena College)

Stephen Smith (grad student; management consultant)

Andrew Crooks (undergrad; graduate student at UC Riverside)

Mirko Krumpe (postdoc; ESO fellow at Potsdam)

Stephen Skory (grad student; postdoc at Univ. of Colorado Boulder)

Josiah White (undergrad; industry)

Petia Yanchulova (undergrad; graduate student at UCSD)

Caitlin McConnell (undergrad; graduate student at Indiana University)