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Fred Hinton

Research Scientist, CASS

Office: SERF 303A
Phone: (858) 534-7282

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Dr. Hinton attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he received his B.S.E. in both Engineering Physics and Engineering Mathematics in 1962. He remained there another year and received his M.S. in Physics in 1963. Upon his completion of his Ph.D. in Physics at the California Institute of Technology in 1967, he joined the Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton as a Research Associate. In 1969, Dr. Hinton was first an Assistant Professor, then an Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Texas in Austin before claiming the title of Professor of Physics from 1980-1981. He then moved on to become the Senior Technical Advisor with General Atomics in San Diego before his present position as Research Scientist at UCSD Fusion/Plasma Theory Group.

Research Interests

Collisional and turbulent transport in magnetically confined plasmas.


Neoclassical and turbulence-driven poloidal flows in tokamaks: until now, these two drive mechanisms for poloidal flows have been teated separately. Dr. Hinton has recently been developing a method for combining them in one consistent calculation. This will give a more complete expression for comparison with poloidal flow measurements in tokamaks. Renormalized polarization and sources for zonal flows: Dr. Hinton has also been doing a calculation which combines the kinetic polarization response with the flow drive from particle discreteness and nonlinear mode coupling. The nonlinear effects produce a damping in the response, as well as a nonlinear drive.


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