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Items presented here represent our latest knowledge of the HEXTE instrument and data analysis, but may change rapidly and so should be used with caution. The "official" calibration products and information for the HEXTE are provided by the RXTE Guest Observer Facility.
A HEXTE Calibration paper is in preparation, and will contain sections on: For an overview of the HEXTE, please refer to the in-flight performance paper by Rothschild et al. (1998): Astrophysical Journal 496, 538.

News: 1998 October 20

The PCA and HEXTE teams are working together on cross-calibration, using a common set of public observations of the Crab Nebula, taken 1997 December. See the new RXTE Cross-calibration WWW page for details. The HEXTE team are preparing new calibration products: collimator responses and effective area files (ARFs) for release in the near future. These products are the result of fits to Crab scans with a model for the spreading of the collimator tubes.

The response matrix files (RMFs) are currently unchanged since the release of 1997 March 20.

Watch this space for the new calibration products and Crab spectra, which can be used as templates for comparison with other HEXTE observations.

HEXTE calibration work in progress:

Currently available:

1998 October 20:

HEXTE Crab reference spectra and latest response files are available from the HEXTE ftp area. See the README file for details. Please contact Philip Blanco if you intend to use these data in your research.

1997 March 20:

The latest HEXTE response matrices are available as a gzip tar file. (These are numerically identical to the previous release, 1997 March 3, but can now be used with RBNRMF and MARFRMF). For a description, see the included README.

  • Absorption model description of the materials in front of the HEXTE detectors' apertures.

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