A Candidate Absorption Feature from a Gamma Ray Burst Observed by BATSE

L. Ford, D. Band, J. Matteson, D. Palmer, B. Schaefer, B. Teegarden, R. Preece, M. Briggs, W. Paciesas, and G. Pendleton

A highly significant but probably spurious absorption feature was discovered in spectra from a single BATSE spectroscopy detector viewing GRB930506. The probability that the feature was a statistical fluctuation in one detector is 6.1x10^-5 but confirming this observation with other BATSE detectors is complicated by uncertainties in their channel-to-energy conversion. When reasonable but ad hoc energy calibration corrections are applied, features are not seen in the other detectors. Therefore, although the feature appears significant in one detector, inconsistency between detectors seems to indicate that the feature was a rare but expected statistical fluctuation. This example shows the advantage of using multiple detectors to determine the reality of spectral features.

Last updated December 22, 1997.

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