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Week of April 5, 2004

Monday April 5, 2004



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Tuesday April 6, 2004

4:00 Astrophysics Seminar 4322 Mayer Hall

Daniel Eisenstein U of Arizona

"Dark Energy and Cosmic Sound"

ABSTRACT: The acoustic oscillations of the photon-baryon fluid in the early universe imprints a signature of known scale into the clustering of matter and galaxies at recent times. Large galaxy redshift surveys can recover this scale as a set of oscillations in the power spectrum, thereby measuring the Hubble parameter and angular diameterdistance relation as a function of redshift. Such cosmologicalmeasurements could permit precise and robust constraints on the dark energy equation of state. I will describe the prospects for detecting and utilizing the acoustic oscillations within current and future galaxy surveys.

Wednesday April 7, 2004

12:00 CASS Journal Club SERF 329

David Tytler CASS / UCSD

"Consensus Model for Cosmology and the IGM"

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Thursday April 8, 2004

12:00 CalSpace Seminar SERF282

Gwynne Shotwell Space Exploration Technolgies

"SpaceX and the Falcon Launch Vehicle:
Private Investment Aimed at Reducing the Cost and
Increasing the Reliability of Access to Space"

ABSTRACT: Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) under private investment is developing a family of launch vehicles aimed at addressing a long standing problem: the high cost yet low reliability of access to space. The first product, Falcon, is a light class launcher capabile of lifting 1500 pounds to LEO for a price of $5.9M. Our maiden flight will lift the DOD's TacSat-1 spacecraft from Vandenberg Air Force Base mid year. The talk will provide background on the company and the motivation of our goal and also provide insight into the Falcon family of launchers.

4:00 Physics Colloquium
Garren Auditorium School of Medicine

Marlan Scully
Inst. for Quantum Studies and Physics Dept.,TAMU and MPI, Garching, Germany

"Extending Laser Spectroscopy via Quantum Correlation, Coherence and Control"

ABSTRACT: Quantum correlation and entanglement is a concept which goes to the heart of quantum mechanics, e.g. the EPR paradox and quantum eraser. The application of photon correlation techniques will be seen to yield new devices from quantum computing t o magneto spectroscopy and protein dynamics . Likewise, quantum coherence and control yield new insights and discoveries from lasing without inversion and ultraslow light to new kinds of microscopy and spectroscopy. The combination of these three features of quantum mechanics is especially powerful and holds promise for opening whole new areas of chemical and bio-physics. The rapid detection of anthrax endospores is one example.

Friday March 28, 2003

4:00 Cosmochemistry Seminar Urey Hall2102

No seminar this week.

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