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Physics 1b - Thermal Physics & Electromagnetism

H. E. Smith   Spring 2000

Physics 1B - Tutorial #10

  1. The figure above shows two coils, A & B. Use Lenz' Law to determine which direction current flows through the resistor when
  2. The conducting loop shown above has area A = 1m2 (1m on a side) and is moving with v=1m/s into a magnetic field B = 10-4T. Graph the current in the loop as a function of time.
    From Faraday's Law
    = -d/dt = B . dA/dt = Blv = 10-4T.1m.1m/s = 10-4V
    as the loop enters the field. If emf and current are positive counter-clockwise, the current will behave as shown on the left, with I1 = 10-4A.

  3. An apartment complex is supplied by single-phase AC from a power plant 5-km away. The wire that runs from the power plant to the complex and back has a resistance per unit length of 1 x 10-5 /m, supplying 100,000W.

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