Physics 1B
Thermal Physics & Electromagnetism

H. E. Smith Fall 2002

  Physics 1B - Reading Quiz #2
  1. A solid and a gas have similar molecular weights. The specific heat of the solid will tend to be
    • A. less than that of the gas, because the gas molecules are not bound by intermolecular bonds.
    • B. the same as that of the gas.
    • C. greater than that of the gas because it takes heat to break the intermolecular bonds.
    • D. greater than that of the gas because the solid has more ways of storing internal energy.
    • E. unknown because it will depend most strongly on the atoms making up the molecules.

  2. A pot of water is boiling on the stove on medium heat. You turn the heat to high; the water will
    • A. increase in temperature significantly.
    • B. increase the rate of vaporization significantly.
    • C. decrease the rate of evaporation slightly.
    • D. increase the temperature and decrease the rate of vaporization.
    • E. increase the temperature and increase the rate of vaporization. freeze.