Chula Vista Nature Center Arthropod Species List

last updated October 1995

Collembola                                         Mealybug Destroyer (CI 301-393)
  marine springtail (CI 36)                        Western Spotted Cucumber Beetle (CI 306-400)
Thysanura                                          Tumbling Flower Beetle (SS 149)
  silverfish? (CI 38)                              unidentified weevils (CI 308)
Odonata                                          Hymenoptera (many unidentified)
  Ishnura sp.                                      ichneumonids (CI 322)
  Big Red Skimmer (CI 50-27)                       unidentified metallic green wasp(s)
  several unidentified species                     Velvet Ant (red) (CI 332-plate 16d)
Orthoptera                                         Harvester ants (CI 334)
  grasshopper (CI 62)                              Argentine ants (CI 335-434)
  tree cricket (CI 72 -plate 2f)                   Tarantula Hawk (CI 336-plate 16f)
Mantodea                                           paper wasp (CI 340-440?)
  praying mantis (CI 73)                           Golden Digger Wasp (CI 341-442)
Dermaptera                                         thread-waisted wasp (CI 340)
  earwig (CI 76)                                   Sand Wasp (CI 343-plate 16g)
Hemiptera                                          Yellow-faced Bumble Bee (CI 353-plate 16h)
  Green Stink Bug  - 2 types (CI 88-87)            Sonoran Bumble Bee (CI 353)
  Harlequin Cabbage Bug (CI 89-plate 3a)           Honey Bee (CI 354-458)
  Spined Soldier Bug (AIS 486-236)               
  Western Leaf-footed Bug (CI 91-plate 3c)       
  Bordered Plant Bug (CI 94-95)                  
  lace bug (CI 96)                               
  assassin bug (CI 98)                           
  Tarnished plant bug (CI 101-107)               
  spittle bug (CI 115-123)                       
  Blue Sharpshooter (CI 116-plate 4c)            Spiders (many species)
  Smoke Tree Leafhopper (LAB 124-96)               Trapdoor Spider (I&S 871)
  green leafhopper                                 Black Widow (I&S 877-651)
  pale banded leafhopper                           Araneus sp. (SK 56)
  Buffalo Treehopper (I&S 494-110)                 Cyclosa sp. (SK 63)
  unidentified green aphid(s) (CI 117)             Silver Argiope (I&S 885-699)
  Thistle Aphid (IWNA 234)                         Grass Spiders (large funnels) (I&S 893-670)
  Cabbage Aphid (IWNA 245)                         shrub spiders (small funnels)
  cottony aphid (CI 117)                           Bola Spider (I&S 887-686)
  unidentified scale insect (CI 11                 Green Lynx Spider (I&S 901-677)
  Cottony-cushion Scale (CI121-plate4f)            Burrowing Wolf Spider (I&S 896-646)
  Mealybug (CI 123-139)                            Wolf Spider (SK 82)
  Whitefly (CI 124)                                Crab Spider (SK 94)
  thrip (CI 124)                                   unidentified jumping spiders (SK 98)
Neuroptera                                         Phiddipus type jumping spider (SK 102)
  Green Lacewing (CI 129-plate 5c)               
  Brown Lacewing (CI 131-plate 5d)               
  Antlion (CI 133)                               Other
Diptera (many unidentified)                        windscorpion (SK 118)
  mosquito (CI 144)                                Common Pill Bug (roly-poly) (LAB 404-475)
  Big Black Horse Fly (CI 152-182)               
  robber fly (CI 155-plate 6h)                   
  bee fly (CI 156)                               
  progressive bee fly (I&S 663-512)              
  unidentified fruit fly type                    
  Thick-headed Fly (CI 157-188)                  
  Cactus Fly (CI 159-plate 7c)                   
  hover fly (CI 160-plate 7d)                    
  Green Bottle Fly (CI 170-plate 7f)             
  flesh fly (CI 173)                             
  tachnid fly (CI 174)                           
  bagworm (CI 191)                               
  plume moth (CI 201)                            
  geometrid moths - inchworms (CI 205)           
  White-lined Sphinx (CI 234-plate 11g,h)        
  several unidentified moths                     
  duskywing  - Funereal? (CI 236-301)            
  Wandering Skipper (CB 153-plate 18e,24c)       
  Checkered Skipper (CI 236-plate 12c)           
  Fiery Skipper (CI 237-302)                     
  Western Pygmy Blue (CI 239-305)                
  Common Hairstreak (CI 244-310)                 
  Monarch (CI 246-312)                           
  Mourning Cloak (CI 250-314)                    
  Painted Lady (CI 250-315)                      
  West Coast Lady (CI 250-316)                   
  Red Admiral (CI 251-317)                       
  Cabbage Butterfly (CI 254-322)                 
  Common/Becker's White (CB 104,105-plate 21b,d) References:
  Sulfur sp. (CI 255)                            CB	California Butterflies
  Anise Swallowtail (CI 257-plate 13h)           	Garth and Tilden 1986
  Western Tiger Swallowtail (CI 257-328)         CI	California Insects
Coleoptera                                       	Powell and Hogue 1974
  tiger beetle (CI 259)                          I&S	Field Guide to N. American Insects & Spiders
  bombardier beetle (CI 263)                     	Milne and Milne  1984 (Audubon Society)
  diving beetle (CI 264)                         IWNA	Insects of Western North America
  rove beetle (CI 269)                           	Essig 1926
  Green Fruit Beetle (CI 277-plate 14d)          HTKTS	How to know the spiders
  carpet beetle (CI 286)                         	Kaston 1972 (Pictured Key Series)
  small darkling beetle (CI 294)                 LAB	Insects of the Los Angeles Basin
  Armored Stink Beetle (CI 296-383)              	Hogue 1993
  Wooly Darkling Beetle (CI 297-387)             Russo	Plant Galls of the California Region
  Convergent Ladybird (CI 298-388)               	Ron Russo (out of print)
  California Ladybird (CI 298-388)               SK	Spiders and Their Kin
  Two-spotted Ladybeetle (CI 300-390)            	Levi and Levi 1987  (Golden Guide)
  Ashy Gray Ladybird (CI 300-391)                SS	Guide to Insects
  unidentified blood red ladybird                	Arnett and Jaques 1981 (Simon & Shuster)