Chula Vista Nature Center Arthropods commonly seen on Bug Walks

   grasshoppers (CI 62)
   tree cricket (CI 72 -plate 2f)
   Harlequin Cabbage Bug (CI 89-plate 3a)
   lace bug (CI 96)
   spittle bug (CI 115-123)
   Blue Sharpshooter (CI 116-plate 4c)
   green leafhopper
   green aphid (CI 117)
   unidentified scale insect (CI 118)
   Mealybugs (CI 123-139)
Diptera (many unidentified)
   progressive bee fly (I&S 663-512)
   fly (fruit fly type)
   hover fly (CI 160-plate 7d)
   Green Bottle Fly (CI 170-plate 7f)
   flesh fly (CI 173)
   bagworm (CI 191) 
   geometrid moths - inchworms (CI 205)
   unidentified moths
   Western Pygmy Blue (CI 239-305)
   Common Hairstreak (CI 244-310)
   Cabbage Butterfly (CI 254-322)
   Green Fruit Beetle  (Jul-Aug) (CI 277-plate 14d)
   carpet beetle (CI 286) 
   small darkling beetle (CI 294)
   Convergent Ladybird (CI 298-388)
   California Ladybird (CI 298-388)
   unidentified blood red ladybird
Hymenoptera (many unidentified)
   ichneumonids (CI 322)
   Argentine ants (CI 335-434)
   Sand Wasp (CI 343-plate 16g)
   Sonoran Bumble Bee (CI 353-plate 16h)
   Honey Bee (CI 354-458)

Spiders (many species)
   Silver Argiope
   Cyclosa sp. (SK 63)
   Grass Spiders (large funnels) (I&S 893-670)
   shrub spiders (small funnels) 
   Green Lynx Spider (I&S 901-677)
   jumping spiders (many species)  (SK 98)

   Common Pill Bug (roly-poly) (LAB 404-475)

CB	California Butterflies
	Garth and Tilden 1986
CI	California Insects
	Powell and Hogue 1974
I&S	Field Guide to N. American Insects & Spiders
	Milne and Milne  1984 (Audubon Society)
IWNA	Insects of Western North America
	Essig 1926
HTKTS	How to know the spiders
	Kaston 1972 (Pictured Key Series) 
LAB	Insects of the Los Angeles Basin
	Hogue 1993
Russo	Plant Galls of the California Region
	Ron Russo (out of print)
SK	Spiders and Their Kin
	Levi and Levi 1987  (Golden Guide)
SS	Guide to Insects
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Ron Lyons (volunteer 1990-1999)
Chula Vista Nature Center, 1000 Gunpowder Point Drive, Chula Vista, CA 91910-1201