Nick Prendergast's List of Stamps with an Odonate Theme

Note: Newer issues are included in the list by country only.

Before his death in 1988, odonatist Nick Prendergast of Britain made this list available to interested stamp collectors and fellow odonatists in the hopes that it would have a wider distribution. The list was kindly provided to me by Dr. Dan Johnson, to whom Nick gave the task of distributing it.

This list is divided into 4 parts:

The references used in compiling this list, and any notes follow at the end.

For convenience, I have reorganized this list by country and included the Scott's Postage Stamp Catalogue numbers since Scott's is more readily available in the United States. Note: the newer issues I have run across are included in the list by country only.

Odonate is central theme and can be identified

Zygoptera (Damselflies)
           country            cat no. year  value species 
Japan 198760yCalopteryx cornelia Calopterygidae
SwitzerlandJ138195110+10cCalopteryx splendens 
Albania1011196635qCalopteryx splendens  
 1012196640qCalopteryx splendens  
 1009196620qCalopteryx virgo  
North Vietnam131197740xNeurobasis chinensis 
El Salvador 1985C1.50Hetaerina smaragdalis? 
North Vietnam129197720xAristocypha fenestrellaChlorocyphidae
El Salvador198570cCora marina Polythoridae
Botswana553198345tChlorolestes elegans Chlorolestidae
Singapore49119855cCeriagrion cerinorubellumCoenagrionidae
El Salvador1985C1.00Mecistogaster ornataPseudostigmatidae

           country            cat no. year  value species 
Japan 198660yEpiophlebia superstes Epiophlebiidae

Anisoptera (Dragonflies)
           country            cat no. year  value species 
Sweden1008197960oAeshna cyanea Aeschnidae
El Salvador 198590cAeshna cornigera  
Monaco 19872.20Aeshna grandis  
Finland536195425+5mAeshna juncea  
Tuvalu218198335cAnax guttatus  
Yugoslavia168619761.20dAnax imperator  
Great Britain1281198534p   
North KoreaN1630197715chAnax parthenope  
Montserrat5531983$1.50Triacanthagyna trifida 
North Vietnam127197712xSinictinogomphus clavatusGomphidae
Bhutan 19696nuAnotogaster sieboldii Cordulegasteridae
Japan 198760y   
El Salvador 198525cCordulegaster godmani 
Chad36219725fHemistigma albipunctata Libellulidae
St. Vincent (Grenadines) 198645c Brachymesia furcata 
Japan1475197750yBoninthemis insularis  
El Salvador 198555cLibellula herculea  
Lesotho36319784cNesciothemis farinosa  
Montserrat552198365cOrthemis ferruginea  
Indonesia1278197014+1.50sOrthetrum testaceum 
North Vietnam128197712xCrocothemis servilia 
Tuvalu220198350cDiplacodes bipunctata  
Montserrat551198350cErythemis vesiculosa  
St. Vincent (Grenadines) 198660c   
Montserrat5541983$2.50Erythrodiplax umbrata 
North Vietnam132197750xNeurothemis fulvia 
 130197730xNuerothemis tullia  
St. Helena38919717pSympetrum dilatatum  
North KoreaN1631197725chSympetrum pedemontanum 
Japan 198660y   
Botswana552198325tTrithemis arteriosa  
Singapore 1985$5Trithemis aurora  
St. Vincent (Grenadines) 198675c Perithemis domitia 
North Vietnam13419771d Rhyothemis fuliginosa 
 133197760xRhyothemis variegata  
Japan 198660y   
Wallis and Futuna236197445fPantala flavescens 
St. Vincent (Grenadines) 1986$2.50 Tramea abdominalis 
Tuvalu219198340cTholymis tillarga  

Odonate is main theme but the species is not identified

           country            cat no. year  value comment
Cameroon 198670fFossil sp., Aeshna cyanea?, and Calopteryx virgo? or Sapho sp?
Guernsey256198224pPyrrhosoma nymphula or Aeshna grandis
Mali 19775f``Libella''
Umm Al Quain 1971?1r``Aeshna verde'' - Somatochlora metallica?

Odonate is stylized or not the main theme

           country            cat no. year  value comment
Grenada (Grenadines)53019823ccartoon dragonfly
 53119824ccartoon dragonfly
Japan215-22119231/2 - 8sfirst design
 222-223192310, 20ssecond design
 1540197950yboy catching insects
 1553197950ysong ``The Birthplace''
 1580198050ysong ``Red Dragonfly''
Lebanon872196532.5pBee-eater and dragonfly
Lesotho444198125sMalachite Kingfisher and Nesciothemis
New Zealand871a19677.5cBrown Trout and damselfly
Paraguay 1974 details unknown - see Eda (1985)
Poland225319731.5zpond life
Singapore6719626cArcher Fish and dragonfly
South Africa533198215cLystrosaurus and dragonfly
Taiwan10091974$2,50fan painting
Rumania3231196440braspberries with dragonfly


countrycat no.year valuecomment
Belgium 198613f Baron Michel-Edmond de Selys-Longchamps
France 19872.20+0.50fJean Rostand


  • The names listed are in accordance with Davies and Tobin (1985) and may differ from those indicated on the stamps.
  • The catalogue numbers are from the Stanley Gibbons catalogue from 1985.
  • List of Odonata on stamps can be found in Smit (1978) and Stanley (1979). Eda and Machet also write articles about Odonata stamps.


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    Ron Lyons