Cultural Entomology

added 24 May 96, last updated 18 Oct 98

Cultural Entomology Digest

Donald Hall's Collection of Arthropod Proverbs

Astronomy and Arthropods

Impact of Insects on Human History
The War on Bugs - a side effect

The Dragonfly in Human Culture
odonate postage stamps by country
odonate postage stamps (images)

Antlions in Culture and Science (from the Antlion Pit)

Creation Stories and Traditional Wisdom - How the Fly Saved the River

Relevant Bayfront Byline Bug Columns

Other Books and Articles

  Berenbaum, May "Bugs in the System - insects and their impact on human affairs"
	c 1995, ISBN 0-201-62499-0
  Sutton, Mark "Insects as Food - Aboriginal Entomophagy in the Great Basin" 
	(Great Basin being that of U.S.) c 1988 Ballena Press, ISBN 0-87919-139-2

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